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How to Choose the Right Metal Engraving Tool?

How to choose the right engraving tool for metal engraving is the main topic explored in this post. Choosing the right tool for engraving patterns or text on metal is not only a requirement for professionals in the engraving industry, but also an important skill for amateurs who have a preference for the art of engraving and would like to learn it. So, this article will provide some introductory metal engraving advice for those beginners who want to learn the skill of engraving metal but don't know where to start, introducing you to the different metal engraving methods and engraving tools to choose.

Metal engraving method

The choice of metal engraving tools need to first understand the type of metal engraving, according to the characteristics of different metal engraving process, matching the required engraving of the craft with the appropriate engraving method, so as to pick out the most appropriate metal engraving tools. This article first introduces you to several types of metal engraving:

Hand engraving

Hand engraving refers to the method of hand polishing metal relying on human labor, craftsmen by cutting and using the carving knife in the metal carved out different styles of patterns and the formation of a hand-engraving process. This process is more suitable for the production of refined products compared with the production of large quantities of products, taking a longer time, but the degree of product refinement is higher. Hand engraving has its own unique advantages over the repetitive nature of machine mass production Hand-carved products are created by craftsmen in accordance with their own artistic ideas, and the uniqueness of the product is high. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to polish, hand-carved very fine, do not allow carving errors, to master the hand-carved need to accumulate a lot of experience. This method is more suitable for some art enthusiasts who are willing to spend a lot of time to figure out the carving process, using this method to carve out carvings with personal characteristics, to meet personal preferences, but also applicable to some of the refined operation of the customized handmade workshop for those who like handmade crafts to create carvings to meet the needs of their artistic needs.


Rotary engraving

Rotary engraving is a method mainly used in mass production, the use of engraving pens with metal rotating tip, with electric control of the frequency of vibration, to realize the design creation on the metal. High efficiency and short time consuming, suitable for the manufacture of large quantities of metal engraved handicrafts, suitable for some mass production of metal engraved products in the factory to adopt an engraving method. Compared with the limitations of hand engraving, rotary tool engraving can engrave more precise lines, so it is suitable for some complex metal engraving. You can recognize a tool by the type of metal it is engraving. When you are working with metals such as aluminum, brass or stainless steel, you can choose a rotary cutter as your engraving tool.

Chemical engraving of metals

Chemical engraving of metals, which is based on the principle of placing the metal in a specific mold and using an acid that can corrode the metal to remove unwanted parts of the metal through corrosion to complete the engraving process, which is the same as using tools to remove parts of the metal in the other types of engraving. The metal molds used in this engraving method are marked in detail, so that the chemical material can be etched in precise detail. This method allows for more precise engraving and more intricate designs than rotary tool engraving.

Dot matrix engraving

Dot matrix engraving, which is suitable for marking some metal parts. Some metal parts factories need to classify metal parts in batches, they will leave some numerical serial numbers on the metal parts to facilitate classification statistics. Due to the small volume of some metal parts, the need for engraving patterns on the parts, which requires a more delicate process to be able to do. When you are in the metal parts related industry, you can use a stylus to mark the parts precisely.

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How to choose the right metal engraving tools?

The article has introduced the advantages and characteristics of different engraving methods, as well as their applicable engraving scenarios. If you still do not quite understand how to choose, we will provide you with some ideas to help you choose:

First of all, these several engraving methods in the degree of precision, design complexity are focused and different. Therefore, the choice of engraving tool can be based on the level of detail required and the complexity of the design. When you need to mark fine metal parts in depth, you can choose high precision dot matrix engraving, or you can use rotary tool engraving. When the need for accuracy is not high, but the artistic and design requirements of the product is higher, then you can choose hand engraving. Secondly, you can choose according to the needs of the industry, rotary tool engraving is suitable for rapid mass production, engraving artistry requirements are not high. Hand engraving requires more uniqueness and is more suitable for small quantities of high quality engraved products. Finally, You can also choose according to your skill level, if you are a beginner, you can choose the more simple, easy to operate rotary tool engraving and dot matrix engraving, these two engraving methods on the operation of the technical requirements are not high. If you are a senior professional in the industry, you can choose to hand-carve this kind of engraving method that requires exquisite craftsmanship.

By recognizing the above engraving methods, as well as the choice of engraving methods and suggestions, we hope to help you choose a more suitable metal engraving method for you, as well as matching metal engraving tools.

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