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Methods of Carving Wood (Part II)

Wood carving, in simple terms, also belongs to a kind of sculpture. In China, wood carving is a traditional folk craft work. It is generally divided into three categories: relief carving, root carving and round carving. In order to be easy to carve, the wood is more fine and tough wood is as the first choice of wood carving material, this material carving out the work will also be more exquisite.

Gift wrapping with wood carving is popular nowadays, which can show the elegance and cultural flavor. Wood is usually not cut with a mechanical engraving machine, but with a engraving machine The laser engraving machine has a natural advantage in that it uses point punching for engraving.

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This article follows on from the previous one and continues to talk about methods of wood carving and the tools that may be involved in these methods.

I. Laser wood carving

Laser wood engraving uses a relatively focused laser beam to create more intricate designs, such as detailed 3D engraving. And the laser burns the surface of the wood, producing a very clean, precise mark or cut. This is why laser wood engraving is at the pinnacle of modern engraving technology.

Once upon a time, laser engraving machines were used in a very small range of applications because of their high initial cost and large size. In modern times, the prospects for the application of laser engraving machines have changed dramatically with the advancement of technology.

In the modern world, technology has matured to the point where compact desktop laser engraving machines are everywhere. Not only do these small machines have the same power and precision as their industrial counterparts, but they come in a more accessible and user-friendly format.

These modern laser engravings have intuitive software interfaces so they are as easy to use as printing on paper. All it takes is a simple design and setup and the laser is ready to do its job.

Tools for laser engraving

  1. Wood laser engraving machine: also known as desktop laser engraving machine, very suitable for wood engraving, its power is about 10W~40W, the device is compatible with the design software, so the user can import graphics or design at will, you can also adjust the speed and power to the best, and preview the whole process.
  2. Air Assist Kit: The laser has the potential to scorch the wood, this kit works by utilizing a stream of compressed air to blow any smoke or debris away from the engraving area. This ensures a cleaner engraving and also reduces the risk of fire and flame outbreaks.

Steps in laser engraving wood

A lot of the work is done by laser engravers, so laser engraving is actually a simple process. However, it is still important to be well prepared to maximize the results. Here are a few steps to engraving wood through a benchtop laser:

  1. Prepare design files: In normal cutting process, laser cutting files with vector images are required, but for 3D engraving gray-scale image are required. The laser engraves to different depths based on different shades of gray, with darker gray indicating deeper engraving.
  2. The choice of wood: because different woods produce different engraving effects, so choose the wood that is compatible with the laser. You can learn about the characteristics of various types of wood in advance and choose the most suitable engraving wood according to your needs.
  3. Preparing the wood: Under the action of the laser, the wood may show burn marks. To minimize these marks, so we recommend wetting the wood slightly or taping it to mask it.
  4. Setting up the laser: Laser engraving is determined by a combination of laser power and engraving speed, but it also depends on the machine you are using and the wood, so it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's recommended settings when engraving wood.
  5. Place the wood: put the wood under the laser head, use the riser to assist you to adjust the height of the laser head, and use the air-assisted device to achieve better engraving results.
  6. Operation of the machine:When operating the machine, the frame is first processed with laser technology so that it is clear whether the work piece is correctly positioned. After correct positioning, you can start engraving.
  7. After Completion: After the carving is completed, the surface of the wood trim needs to be coated with linseed or varnish in order to better protect the carving pattern and enhance the naturalness of the wood.
Wood carving under the light

II. Computerized numerical control wood engraving

The perfect fusion of traditional woodworking and modern technology has produced computer numerical control wood carving technology, which has some similarities with laser engraving technology in terms of computer-controlled movement, but the computer numerical control process is unique in its approach.

Computer numerical control wood carving is a contact process that allows precise control of the depth, path and speed of the carving knife through computer software and is the use of specialized tools to carve patterns.

The device is suitable for 3D carving and industrial wood carving, but it can also be used as a desktop machine, which people can use to create more personalized works.

Tools needed for Computer numerical control wood engraving
  1. Computer Numerical Control  machine: This device mainly uses computer-controlled movements to guide the process of wood engraving.
  2. Engraving knives: Engraving knives come in many shapes and sizes, they are specialized tools used to achieve engraving effects and work according to the commands of a computer numerical control machine.
  3. Jig, press: In the carving process, the jig is very important, it is mainly used to firmly fix the wood in place to ensure the safety and accuracy of the carving.
  4. Safety equipment: In order to ensure the safety of users, in the process of work, be sure to wear ear muffs, dust masks and goggles and other equipment.
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