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56 LED Ring Light,ET-ML01

56 LED Ring Light,ET-ML01

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Number of LEDs: 56
Brightness Adjustment range: 0-100%
Output Current: 2.5A
Output Voltage: DC 10-12V MAX1000mA
Input Voltage: AC 90-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Interface: standard interface, strong compatibility
Interface Type: American standard, European standard, British standard, Australian standard, Japanese standard, Brazilian standard, Italian standard, small South Africa, large South Africa, Can Be Given After Remarking

56 LED Ring Light,ET-ML01


Our Microscope Accessory Light 56-Bulb LED Light Power Adapter is designed for use with microscopes and provides a stable and efficient power supply. Whether in a scientific research laboratory or an educational institution, this power adapter can provide reliable support for your microscope lighting system.

Main Features

High efficiency

Provides stable power for 56 LED lights to ensure continuous and bright lighting effects.

Multiple protections 

Built-in overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection functions to ensure equipment safety.

56 LED Ring Light,ET-ML01

Strong compatibility

Suitable for a variety of models of microscope LED lights, especially 56-Bulb configurations

Convenient use

Simple design, easy connection, plug and play, convenient for daily operation.

Durable design

Made of high-quality materials, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, extending service life.

56 LED Ring Light,ET-ML01

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