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Engraving Block, ET-A04D

Engraving Block, ET-A04D

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ball joint vise ET-A04D
ball joint vise ET-A04D


Item No:ET-A04D
Item Name:Mini Engrave Block
Shipping Dimension:26*16.5*9.5CM
Shipping Weight:2.3KG

ball joint vise ET-A04D

Solid Galvanized Steel

The engraver's ball vise, constructed from sturdy galvanized steel, guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring that each component maintains a prolonged lifespan with enduring use.

ball joint vise ET-A04D

Rotation Design

The rotation design enables a full 360-degree hemispherical rotation. The engraving block ball vise incorporates a double ball bearing system, ensuring seamless rotation without any slack or internal wear.

ball joint vise ET-A04D

Adjustable Jaws

The adjustable jaw distance is purposefully designed to ensure seamless operation, allowing for the assembly of various supporting fixtures.

ball joint vise ET-A04D

Rubber Base

The rubber base, with its spherical shape, offers adjustable positioning at any angle. Additionally, the inclusion of a white dot design on the bottom minimizes friction.

ball joint vise ET-A04D

Complete Accessory Kit

The complete ball vise set for engraving comes with a hexagonal wrench to facilitate jaw distance adjustment. It also includes an assortment of pins and accessories, simplifying manual work for greater ease of use.

ball joint vise ET-A04D

Various Application

The Ball Vise engraving tool is versatile, making it ideal for precise tasks such as jewelry crafting, gem setting, and carving. It serves as an excellent jewelry processing tool suitable for both jewelry manufacturers and enthusiasts passionate about DIY projects.

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