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Professional Pneumatic Engraver,ET-AG01

Professional Pneumatic Engraver,ET-AG01

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pneumatic engraver ET-AG01


ltem No: ET-AG01
Handpiece Working Speed: 0-12000RPM
Range of Pressure Regulation: 0-1 MPA
Machine Shipping Dimension:35.3*25.5*11(CM)
Gross Weight:2.2KG
pneumatic engraver ET-AG01pneumatic engraver ET-AG01
Equipped with a precision pressure gauge, this tool ensures precise pressure readings for enhanced accuracy. Moreover, its professional-grade pressure regulator enables users to select and adjust the ideal pressure level, granting precise control and maximizing operational efficiency.
pneumatic engraver ET-AG01
ET-AG01 is an advanced pneumatic engraving device tailored for professionals in engraving, jewelry making, and artistic endeavors. Featuring an innovative internal piston mechanism, it offers customizable impact strength by adjusting the patented stroke length setting and air pressure, catering to both delicate and heavy-duty engraving tasks.
pneumatic engraver ET-AG01
Practical Storage Bag
With your purchase, you'll receive a handy storage pouch for added convenience. Tailored to accommodate the various small accessories included with the engraving machine, this complimentary pouch is designed to efficiently organize these items, minimizing the risk of misplacement or loss. This thoughtful inclusion guarantees that all components remain neatly arranged and easily accessible whenever needed.
pneumatic engraver ET-AG01
Crafted with precision, the pedal featuring adjustable speed is ingeniously engineered to reduce exertion, promoting stability and effortless control during operation. Constructed with a sturdy stainless steel spring, its design ensures exceptional durability and reliability, enabling prolonged and consistent usage even under challenging circumstances.
pneumatic engraver ET-AG01pneumatic engraver ET-AG01
This is meticulously tailored for engraving a wide array of metal jewelry. From jewelry processing to intricate carving, crafting delicate bead edges, mosaic work, and beyond, its capabilities span across various tasks crucial for jewelry making. With its precision and finesse, this machine excels in enhancing and crafting jewelry pieces, offering versatility and proficiency across the entire jewelry-making process.
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