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Pneumatic Hand Engraving Tools, ET-AT01

Pneumatic Hand Engraving Tools, ET-AT01

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engraver kit ET-AT01


Item No: ET-AT01
Item Name: Jewelry Pneumatic Engraving Machine
Power: 100W
Votlage: 100-240V
Speed: 0-100%
Dimension: 22*12*18CM 
Shipping Dimension: 45.5*34*19CM
Shipping Weight: 4.6KG
engraver kit ET-AT01engraver kit ET-AT01
Three Colors Available
engraver kit ET-AT01

Power Button

The power button located on the control box manages the stroke power of the theengraving handpiece.

Speed Button

The speed button controls the frequency or rate of the strokes.

engraver kit ET-AT01


This is an advanced and accurate system designed to provide precise measurement and display of speed, ensuring detailed and real-time monitoring across various applications. 

engraver kit ET-AT01


This is a basic component used to control the activation or deactivation of a device. The switch functions as a convenient mechanism that allows for easy turning on or off of machinery through a simple toggle.

engraver kit ET-AT01
The pneumatic engraving machine is adept at engraving various types of metal jewelry. Its applications span across jewelry processing, engraving, carving, beading, mosaic, and more. It does not necessitate an additional air compressor.
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