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Airless Multi-Purpose Engraver, ET-AT03

Airless Multi-Purpose Engraver, ET-AT03

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The ET-AT03 jewelry engraver boasts a unique feature of operating without the need for an air compressor. Its double handpiece can be swiftly adjusted using the Handpiece Selector Knob, catering to various engraving styles, ranging from delicate bulino work to robust engraving on tough metals like steel and titanium. Equipped with two pistons (4 and 6 grams), the handpiece allows easy replacement based on your specific tasks by unscrewing the handle and removing the spring. Additionally, it includes a set of 6 quick-change chucks with color coding, gravers, and a handpiece holder. The micromotor provides a speed range of 0-35000 RPM, suitable for drilling and polishing purposes.
airgraver kit  ET-AT03


Item No: ET-AT03
Item Name: Multifunction Jewelry Engraver
Power : 160W
Votlage: 100-240V
Speed: 0-100%
Micromotor Speed: 0-35000RPM
Dimension: 22*15.3*18CM
Shipping Dimension: 45.5*34*25CM
Shipping Weight: 6KG

airgraver kit ET-AT03
Function introduce

A.Speed Display
B.On/Off Switch
C.G&M Control Switch
D.Power Control
E.Speed Control
F.Two Handpiece Quick Connect Fitting
G.Handpiece Selector Knob
K.Two Handpieces
M.Quick Change Chuck
N.Graver Base
O.Foot Pedal
P.Micromotor HandPiece
Q.Voltage Conversion Plug
R.Handpiece Base
airgraver kit ET-AT03

 Speed Display

This is an advanced and accurate system designed to provide precise measurement and display of speed, ensuring detailed and real-time monitoring across various applications. 

airgraver kit ET-AT03

Toggle Button

The toggle button facilitates three modes: G for engraving, P for polishing, and D for drilling. Simply rotate the knob to switch between these modes seamlessly.

airgraver kit ET-AT03

Power Button

The control box's power button manages the engraving handpiece's stroke power.

Speed Button

The speed button controls the frequency or rate of strokes.

airgraver kit ET-AT03

Wide Application

The pneumatic engraving machine is ideal for engraving various types of metal jewelry. Its applications cover a wide range, including jewelry processing for engraving, carving, decorating bead edges, creating mosaics, and more.

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