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Pneumatic Engraver,ET-G02

Pneumatic Engraver,ET-G02

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diy pneumatic engraving machine ET-G02


Item No:ET-G02
Item Name:Engraving Machine
Power Supply: 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Handpiece Working Speed: 400-8000RPM
Range of Pressure Regulation: 0-45PSI
Shipping Dimension:30*30*33(CM)
Shipping Weight:7KG
diy pneumatic engraving machine ET-G02
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diy pneumatic engraving machine ET-G02

Precise Pressure Gauge

The pneumatic engraver incorporates a specialized pressure regulator and gauge, allowing for the selection of the desired pressure level, from high to low speeds, enabling precise engraving and ensuring exceptional engraving outcomes.

diy pneumatic engraving machine ET-G02

Pressure Regulator

The pressure regulator enables precise adjustments to the pneumatic engraving machine, offering multiple levels of pressure control. This feature allows for fine-tuning the engraving process according to different project requirements, ensuring accuracy and optimal performance.

diy pneumatic engraving machine ET-G02

Additional Filter

A specialized filter device has been included to prevent the speed of the machine from being affected by impurities produced during the engraving process. This addition effectively gathers metal impurities, enhancing overall work efficiency.

diy pneumatic engraving machine ET-G02

Connect Fitting



diy pneumatic engraving machine ET-G02

Adjustable Speed

By directly linking the foot pedal to the port located at the rear of the jewelry engraver, you gain the ability to efficiently manage and modify both the engraving speed and impact force intensity through this particular apparatus.

diy pneumatic engraving machine ET-G02

Wide Application

The pneumatic engraving machine is adept at engraving various types of metal jewelry. Its applications span across jewelry processing, engraving, carving, beading, mosaic, and more.

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