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3 in 1 Jewelry Engraving Machine,ET-R01

3 in 1 Jewelry Engraving Machine,ET-R01

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engraver ET-R01

Product Introduction

ET-R01 R-GRAVER represents the first-generation product in the R series, combining a graver, micromotor, and hot-wind function all in one.

This revolutionary system introduces a powerful electric graver that operates on both 110V and 220V, ensuring full usability.

Say goodbye to bulky, noisy, and expensive compressors. Optimize your workspace, save time, and enhance efficiency with this unique and advanced technology!

Includes: 6 quick-change chucks, a set of gravers with a holder for the handpiece, 1 graver handpiece, 1 micromotor handpiece, 1 hot wind handpiece, and 1 foot pedal.

No compressor needed.
engraver ET-R01


Item No:ET-R01
Item Name: R-Graver
Power: 100w
Handpiece Working Speed: 0-100%
Handpiece Working Power: 0-100%
Micromotor Speed: 0~35000RPM
Hot Gun Temperature: 300 T
Machine Dimension: 21*16.5*12(CM)
Shipping Dimension:40*31.5*16(CM)
Gross Weight: 5KG
engraver ET-R01

I - Power Adapter

engraver ET-R01

J - Foot control connect fitting

K - Micromotor connect fitting

L - Hot wind handpiece base

engraver ET-R01

N - Micromotor handpiece

engraver ET-R01

Wide Application

The engraving machine is adept at engraving various types of metal jewelry. Its applications span across jewelry processing, engraving, carving, beading, mosaic, and more. It does not necessitate an additional air compressor.

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