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Carving Machine Handpiece, ET-GHP01

Carving Machine Handpiece, ET-GHP01

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Item No:ET-GHP01
Item Name:Medium Handpiece
Qc Tips Sizer:6.0MM/6.3MM

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Handpiece ET-GHP01
ET-GHP01 is a handheld tool designed for engraving machines, suitable for tasks requiring fine engraving. It is compatible with 6.0mm or 6.3mm QC (Quick Change) tips and is commonly used in the production of jewelry, crafts, and other items that demand precision engraving.
Handpiece ET-GHP01Handpiece ET-GHP01

The design is compact, facilitating easy handheld operation. Different tips can be flexibly adjusted during the working process. This pneumatic engraving tool is capable of engraving on various materials such as metal, wood, plastic, and glass, creating intricate patterns, text, or designs.

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