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Stereoscopic Microscope with LCD Digital,ET-MH01B

Stereoscopic Microscope with LCD Digital,ET-MH01B

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Item name : MICROSCOPE
Magnification :7X-45X
Eyepiece : WF10X
Lenses : 0.5x
Real angle of view : 45 degrees
Working distance : 100mm,165mm with 0.5x
Screen : 10.1 Inch
Multi-Directional Microscope,ET-MH01B
This microscope comes with a built-in display screen or can be connected to a larger monitor for image display. Whether you prefer the convenience of the integrated screen or the expanded viewing experience offered by connecting to a larger display, our microscope ensures crystal-clear imaging for your convenience and precision needs.
Broad Aperture Objective Lenses
Constructed from pure copper material and enhanced with anti-reflective coatings, the objective lenses offer a wide aperture and provide a bright, expansive field of vision.
Multi-Directional Microscope,ET-MH01B

Spring Bracket: Our spring bracket features a flexible telescopic mechanical focusing mechanism, enhancing convenience during operation. The micro inlaid mirror's unique headrest frame is designed to alleviate operator fatigue and boost work efficiency, ensuring a comfortable and productive working experience.

Continuous Zoom: With a long working distance ranging from 95 to 300 mm, our micro inlaid mirror offers continuous zoom capabilities from 7X to 45X. Additionally, it can be equipped with a micro telescopic adjustment device for added precision and versatility.

Multi-Directional Microscope,ET-MH01B
Key Features: Our micro inlaid mirror incorporates cutting-edge wide-angle vision technology and a continuous zoom stereo microscope head. It boasts high-resolution optics, providing a large field of view for enhanced visual clarity. Operating this microscope is intuitive and user-friendly. Additionally, the durability of its components has been significantly enhanced through advanced optical treatments, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Multi-Directional Microscope,ET-MH01B
Versatile: The universal brackets of our micro inlaid mirror feature adjustable sections and gimbals, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Designed to accommodate various heights, angles, and working environments, they ensure adaptability for a wide range of tasks.
Multi-Directional Microscope,ET-MH01B
This versatile microscope isn't just ideal for jewelry engraving—it also finds widespread applications across different fields. For jewelry identification experts, it captures every tiny detail, aiding in effortless gemstone authentication. For entomology enthusiasts, it offers multiple magnification options, allowing deep dives into the intricacies of the insect world. In the textile industry, it assists in inspecting fiber textures and textile details, ensuring product quality. In the electrical industry, it serves as the perfect tool for examining microcircuit boards and electronic components, effortlessly detecting any defects or abnormalities. Whether you need precision engraving, detailed observation, or quality inspection, this multifunctional microscope caters to your needs, empowering success across various industries.
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