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Dual Light Source Stereo Microscope,ET-MS05

Dual Light Source Stereo Microscope,ET-MS05

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Item No: ET-MS05
Item Name: Optical Stereo Microscope
Magnification: 20X-40X
Machine eyepiece: WF10X/20
Machine objective :2X-4X
Interpupillary Distance:45-55mm
Working distance: 60mm
Real angle of view : 45 degrees
Shipping Dimension: 33.5X31.5X23CM
Shipping Weight: 3.5KG

Dual Light Source Stereo Microscope,ET-MS05

WF10X/20 Wide Angle Eyepiece

The WF10X/20 wide-angle eyepieces offer a broad field of view for clear and comfortable observation. The binocular viewing head, which can be adjusted to a 45° angle, is ergonomically designed to minimize strain during prolonged use. This user-friendly design, along with the wide-angle eyepieces, allows for easy and comfortable observation of fine details, making it a perfect instrument for precision tasks across various professional domains.

Dual Light Source Stereo Microscope,ET-MS05


The microscope is crafted for optimal user convenience, making it suitable for both novices and seasoned users. Its head can rotate a full 360°, enabling easy observation from various angles without needing to move the sample. This feature is particularly beneficial for collaborative work, allowing multiple users to view the specimen from their preferred perspective. Moreover, the microscope is equipped with a rotating mechanism for switching between objective lenses, enabling users to effortlessly change magnification levels. This ensures quick and efficient focus on areas of interest, saving time and enhancing the overall user experience with smooth and intuitive magnification adjustments.

Dual Light Source Stereo Microscope,ET-MS05


This microscope is equipped with a specialized spotlight for easy viewing, guaranteeing convenient and clear observations. It boasts an oblique spotlight with 10 bright LED lights, delivering even illumination that accentuates the surface details of your samples. Additionally, the bottom spotlight with 6 bright LED lights enhances overall brightness and contrast, facilitating more precise analysis and examination of microscopic structures and features. This advanced lighting system not only enhances the microscope's performance but also provides an outstanding tool and experience for scientific research and educational applications.

Dual Light Source Stereo Microscope,ET-MS05


This microscope is designed for convenient long-term observation, featuring a metal mesh bottom cover that facilitates effective heat dissipation, ensuring it remains cool and does not overheat even during extended use.

Dual Light Source Stereo Microscope,ET-MS05


This microscope features an adjustable working distance, providing a 60mm gap between the lens and the observed object. This flexibility in positioning and focusing accommodates a range of sample sizes and observation requirements. The 60mm working distance allows users to comfortably handle and examine samples without sacrificing image clarity or detail.

Dual Light Source Stereo Microscope,ET-MS05


The optical stereo microscopes are indispensable in various fields due to their ability to provide detailed, three-dimensional views at high magnification. They are extensively used for inspecting and repairing electronic components, aiding in the precision assembly and maintenance of watches, appraising and repairing jewelry, and creating intricate miniature engravings. These microscopes enhance accuracy and quality in tasks requiring meticulous attention to detail, making them valuable tools in diverse professional settings.

Dual Light Source Stereo Microscope,ET-MS05


1x Power Cable

1x Black and White Observation Board(One accessory,front black,back white)

1x Transparent Viewing Board

2x Anti-fatigue Rubber Eye Shield

2x WF10X/20 Eyepiece

Dual Light Source Stereo Microscope,ET-MS05
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