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Graver Set ET-RG01

Graver Set ET-RG01

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Item No:ET-RG01
Item Name:R-Graver set

Product DisplayGraver Set ET-RG01

Appropriate for an engraving machine, the size is 3.0mm.
Graver Set ET-RG01Graver Set ET-RG01Graver Set ET-RG01

The size of this engraving machine's cutter head is 3.0 millimeters, typically used for precise engraving or cutting on hard materials. This particular size is suitable for detailed carving on surfaces made of wood, metal, plastic, and glass. It enables the creation of intricate patterns, text, or designs. Its small size makes it ideal for projects requiring high precision engraving, allowing operation on complex or delicate surfaces. It is well-suited for crafting jewelry, crafts, signage, model making, and various other applications.

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