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Precision Jewelry Ring Bender, ET-B05

Precision Jewelry Ring Bender, ET-B05

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best ring bender ET-B05
best ring bender ET-B05


Item No:ET-B05
Item Name:Ring Bending Tools
Shipping Dimension:26*16.5*9.5CM
Shipping Weight:2.8KG

best ring bender ET-B05

Chrome Steel Material

Immerse yourself in unmatched durability and precision with our cutting-edge product, expertly crafted from high-quality Chrome Steel Material, ensuring longevity, resistance to corrosion, and versatile performance for a wide range of applications.

best ring bender ET-B05

Handle Screw Fastening Design

Revolutionize your experience with our product, boasting a state-of-the-art Handle Screw Fastening Design that not only ensures effortless assembly but also adds a touch of convenience and reliability, elevating your overall user experience.

best ring bender ET-B05

Multi-size design

Designed for versatility, our product's multi-size design effortlessly caters to diverse needs

best ring bender ET-B05

 Wooden Board
Wooden Board Base, designed for storing all metal accessories, featuring a simple and aesthetic design.

best ring bender ET-B05
best ring bender ET-B05

A crucial tool for jewelry designers, metalworkers, and artisans seeking precision and adaptability in crafting rings and circular metal pieces, the top-tier ring bender is a necessity. Specifically engineered to effortlessly mold and manipulate metal strips or wire into flawlessly rounded rings, this specialized device guarantees impeccable outcomes in both jewelry making and metalworking projects.

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