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Combination Rolling Mill,ET-RM01A

Combination Rolling Mill,ET-RM01A

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goldsmith rolling mill ET-RM01Agoldsmith rolling mill ET-RM01A


Item No: ET-RM01A
Item Name: Rolling mill 110MM Combination
Gear Ratio: 4:1
Roller Width: 110MM
Roller Diameter: 55MM
Maximum Opening: 4MM
Flat Area: 53MM
Square Wire(+/-0.01MM): 1.0,2.0,2.5,3.0,4.0,4.5,5.0
Ring shank-half round ellipsis: 2.5*1,3*1.25,4*1.5MM
Dimension: 23*13.5*28CM
Shipping Dimension: 33*33*20CM
Shipping Weight:18.5KG

goldsmith rolling mill ET-RM01A

Durable & Reliable Roller

Precision Steel for Superior Strength and Durability, with a Coated Finish Ensuring Exceptional Corrosion Protection and Wear Resistance.

goldsmith rolling mill ET-RM01A

The Adjustable Distance

The "T" bar situated atop the jewelry rolling mill is employed to open or close the rollers. When fully shut, the rollers must align perfectly without any discernible gaps for accurate measurement.

goldsmith rolling mill ET-RM01A

Multifunctional Roller

The versatile combination function delivers top-notch performance, capable of shaping strips, slices, and semicircles to accommodate various needs.

goldsmith rolling mill ET-RM01A

Accurate Scale Dial

The precise dial offers invaluable assistance by providing accurate digital references for making necessary adjustments, ensuring better production of satisfactory metal foils.

goldsmith rolling mill ET-RM01A

Labor-Saving Handle

Introducing the Labor-Saving Handle for Rolling Mills, a cutting-edge accessory meticulously designed to minimize manual effort, provide precision control, and significantly enhance productivity in metalworking operations. Crafted with durability and adaptability in mind, offering operators a comfortable and efficient solution for optimized workflow and superior metalworking outcomes.

goldsmith rolling mill ET-RM01A

A wire rolling mill is a specialized machine crucial in metalworking. It shapes metal wires into different sizes and forms by reducing their cross-sectional area while extending their length. These mills are essential in crafting wires for diverse applications, spanning from electrical cables to jewelry and construction materials.

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