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Electric Rolling Mill,ET-RME01

Electric Rolling Mill,ET-RME01

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rolling mill ET-RME01rolling mill ET-RME01


Item No: ET-RME01
Item Name: Single Head Electric Rolling Mill 130MM
Power: 2HP
Voltage: 110V/220V
Roller Width: 130MM
Roller Diameter: 65MM
Maximum Opening: 5MM
Flat Area: 63MM
Square Wire(+/-0.01MM): 1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,4.5,5.0,5.5,6.0,6.5
Ring shank-half round ellipsis: 2.5*1,3*1.25,4*1.5MM
Dimension: 45*25*51CM
Shipping Dimension: 60*41*66CM
Shipping Weight: 72.5KG
rolling mill ET-RME01

The Adjustable Distance

The "T" bar situated atop the jewelry rolling mill is employed to open or close the rollers. When fully shut, the rollers must align perfectly without any discernible gaps for accurate measurement.

rolling mill ET-RME01

Multifunctional Roller

The versatile combination function delivers top-notch performance, capable of shaping strips, slices, and semicircles to accommodate various needs.

rolling mill ET-RME01

Accurate Scale Dial

The precise dial offers invaluable assistance by providing accurate digital references for making necessary adjustments, ensuring better production of satisfactory metal foils.

rolling mill ET-RME01

Reverse Switch

Utilize the forward and reverse switch by turning it to the right for backward rolling, to the left for forward rolling. When the switch points to 0, the machine comes to a stop.

rolling mill ET-RME01

Pause Button
Engage the pause button to halt the machine instantly. After pausing, turn the button to the right to resume machine operation.

rolling mill ET-RME01

Various Application

A wire rolling mill is a specialized machine crucial in metalworking. It shapes metal wires into different sizes and forms by reducing their cross-sectional area while extending their length. These mills are essential in crafting wires for diverse applications, spanning from electrical cables to jewelry and construction materials.

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