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Vacuum Investment Machine,ET-CM04

Vacuum Investment Machine,ET-CM04

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Casting ET-CM04Casting ET-CM04


Item No:ET-CM04
Item Name:Medium Vacuum Investing Machine 4L
Power: 750W (1HP)
Investment Plate Size: 280*280MM
Bell Jar:280*200MM
Shipping Dimension:88.5*35.5*51.5CM
Shipping Weight:40KG

Casting ET-CM04

Precise Pressure Gauge

Our equipment features a precise pressure gauge, allowing users to make accurate and efficient adjustments to achieve exact pressure levels. The gauge is constructed with a clearly visible solid shell, making data observation intuitive and effortless. Designed for easy monitoring and fine-tuning of pressure settings, it guarantees precision in operations.

Casting ET-CM04

Vacuum Hood

Designed with a reinforced structure, the vacuum hood ensures outstanding sealing and superior vacuum performance during operation. This specialized design minimizes the presence of bubbles and burrs in the casting process, preserving the delicate appearance and quality of the final jewelry pieces. The robust construction creates an effective vacuum environment, substantially reducing imperfections and ensuring the production of high-quality, flawless jewelry creations.

Casting ET-CM04


Air vents play a pivotal role in temperature regulation, heat dissipation, and ensuring an ideal working environment.

Casting ET-CM04

Effortless Oil Filling

Designed with precision, the oil filling feature includes an ergonomic handle for comfortable gripping and durable rubber for a secure hold. Its robust construction ensures stability and durability, providing reliable support on a stable base for wobble-free filling operations.

Casting ET-CM04

Mini Vacuum

Casting ET-CM04

Various Application

Vacuum Investing machines have a broad range of applications, spanning jewelry processing factories, jewelry design shops, and art manufacturing units. They demonstrate proficiency in working with diverse metals like K gold, silver, copper, and other alloy products. Specifically, these machines excel in the fabrication of intricate designs, prototypes, and small-scale production runs for various jewelry pieces, including rings, pendants, earrings, and more.

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