Make custom accessories for your special family member


When it comes to pets, people always think about the lovely dogs. As the saying goes, 'dogs are the best friends of humans'. In ancient times, humans raised wolves or other kinds of canines to help them hunt other creatures for food. When we talk about dogs, we usually attach the words of loyalty, intelligence, liveliness, and friendliness to them.

We could roughly divide dogs into two kinds, the homeless or the domestic. As domestic dogs may run away from their home and their owners for outdoor activities, how can we identify whether a dog is homeless or domestic? The answer is the accessories on their body, and in most situations, the most representative accessory is the collar.

‘Clothes’ make the dogs

The necklace of the dogs is the quickest way to for us to determine whether a dog has an owner. The necklace not only serves the purpose of indicating that the dogs are domestic for us, but also has multiple uses such as for attaching the leash, noting down a message to enable a stranger to help a dog find its way home, or just for aesthetic purposes, similar to why we wear fancy jewelry. Dogs are smart, they do have views on aesthetics too. It's common to see that pet dogs are willing to wear the collar if it has an attractive fancy outlook. When you give it as a present to them, you probably see undisguised delight in them. As we all know, dogs do provide emotional value to humans as we treat them as family. They like the presents we give them and appreciate it you could see it so apparently.


Chasing beauty seems to be the nature of all animals. Then we may think about how to make a necklace special and individualized for our dogs. Since they're a unique and irreplaceable part of our family, we want them to stand out from other dogs. Just like rings can represent the promise and love of a couple, the dedication you put into carving the necklaces shows your love for your dogs too.

Make the unique accessory by yourself

The metal necklace is too heavy for the tiny dogs to wear, consider that, we also could make a unique metal tag attached to the light leather collar. It also allows our special family members to have their own personalizing ornaments.

Carving yourself means you need to command the skills of a craft. I’d like to help you get in touch with this area, to let you know a little about the carving things.

Carving requires you have knowledge about the materials. Since we are going to make metal ornaments, we just need to know about some metals. Iron is one of the most common metals nowadays. It has a high level of hardness but is not heavy. We usually treat it as the first choice for most of our products. There are more metals to know.

Before you start your carving work, you might need to draw the pattern you want first of all just as a blueprint before a project. Only when you have definite ideals will the process of carving be clearer.

Then you have to select the proper tools for you to carve the product you desire. Like carving knives, chisels, and gouges, you have to prepare enough tools for your carving work so that you will not pause in the process as you don’t have the tools for some specific part.

After you have prepared enough tools for your project, it’s time for the carving works. There are plenty of skills in carving craft, each skill has its characteristics, and some methods to carve may result in close shape. Commanding plenty of skills to carve is the first step to becoming a master in carving. You'll need to carefully consider the order of precedence for each stroke of carving and carve by the methods you have commanded, and bypass thousands of practices you may finally think out a new way to carve. In most situations of metal carving, you need to carve at a high temperature, so that the materials will be not hard to carve.

The tools I recommend for the carving work

The machines I recommend for the engraving of the necklace are from LAKIMI. They have machines with techniques that are easier to handle and more precise, you could use them to engrave whatever you want on the necklaces of dogs. I would like to introduce one of the most of their products: Pneumatic Engraver, the product of the third generation of G series. The machine gets a medium-size and can be posted in many small places to save space. You could put it away, and can easily assemble it as you want. It feels like a normal manual tool but could accomplish far more than that. And it could adapt to 220v50HZ/110v60HZ, so you may not have to worry about whether it could be used in your home. This machine is easy to operate and not too difficult to get started, you can follow the instructions step by step. It can be your first carving machine for home use and this will be the beginning of your mastering the craft of carving. Intelligent people can often simplify the complex, an intelligent machine does the same way.


While you finish the process of carving, don't forget to use methods like oxidation to protect the product. It’s necessary to keep most of the products away from etching.

The meaning of doing that

Customizing a unique metal necklace for your dog is a way to let others know that your dog is unique to you too. Show your love to your special family members, they will know they are not substituted and how deep your love is for them. Making the necklace or the hang tag by yourself means a lot.

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